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Pleasant Surprise

Flirty lingerie outlines Ebbi's sexy figure as she and her boy Artem Turkov get fun and flirty. All those games can't last long, though, when there are more sensual delectations to be pursued. Punching things off with a spunky blowjob, Ebbi demonstrates her love for oral sex with delicate groans of happiness and a humungous smile. Her dick slurping is cut short when Artem pulls her up and bends her over the brim of the bed so that he pull her damp panties down and press his thumbs deep into the tightness of Ebbi's needy twat.Eager to be filled by something more substantial, Ebbi guides her man's rock-hard chisel deep into her needy crevice and glides back until she is fully impaled and then rocks her hips to improve the friction. Artem can take a hint; after giving his adorable nymph time to get used to the penetration, he shoves rock-hard and rapid into her welcoming warmth while palming her high lil' tits.Taking the opportunity to splendid things down, Artem releases and droplets to his knees so that he can drown his eager face in Ebbi's bum and slurp her dainty anus. Meanwhile his other hand sneaks up so that he can slide his thumb deep into her dripping twat.With the exquisite bounty of Ebbi's delicate clean-shaven pussy, Artem just wants to get convenient so that he can really dive in. When the brunette settles on her back with her long legs stretched wide, her boyfriend takes his time with long sweeps and darting rubs with the tip of his tongue as he luvs his tastey treat. Knowing that they are both close to the culmination of their passion, Ebbi and her boy come together again when the brunette climbs aboard cowgirl style and impales herself on her man's rock-hard cock. She bounces along with evident elation before switching to reverse cowgirl. Finally this position does it for her and she gushes in ecstasy, cumming so rock-hard that she is left breathless.Falling to the side, Ebbi wraps her hand around her beau's bulge and guides the sensitized tip up her figure between her breasts. When she eventually submerges low enough to reach the head with her mouth, she is all too eager to slurp and deep-throat and stroke Artem to his own tastey orgasm.





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